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Entertainment for the Multitasker: podcasts I love.

Last week we shared favorite TV shows and movies for kids… but what’s a mom to do for entertainment? I’m the first one to go for a great Netflix binge (usually while folding 4,589 baskets of laundry), but that’s not always an option. I also enjoy reading a good book, but the multi-tasking possibilities are drastically reduced. Confession: today, I let my kids run wild while I read the last 100 pages of a thrilling novel. When I finished, every single toy we own was out, dishes were removed from cupboards, a fort was built, and my 2-year-old had painted her own face with watercolors. #noregrets Continue reading “Entertainment for the Multitasker: podcasts I love.”

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Spring Cleaning with a Smile ;)

The sun came out today.  Spring has been giving us false starts this season, and it has actually been alright with me.  I thought I was ready for sunshine, sandals, and sunscreen (yes, my husband has already burned this season).  Then I remembered: Spring cleaning.  The yard needs it.  The garage needs it.  The attic.  My guest room.  The list goes on.  So, God gave me a little more time and turned down the thermostat a bit, until I was absolutely ready for the tasks ahead.  He has been the one to get me through, and I am ready to share how! Continue reading “Spring Cleaning with a Smile ;)”

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Sick…Oh So Sick.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to write about today.  Finally, in the last minutes of the day, I click on my go-to podcast, The God-Centered Mom, to listen while doing laundry and cleaning up from the day.  One of the titles is “A Safe Place to Share Messy Stories”, and suddenly, it hits me.  That’s the purpose of this blog.  So… rather than trying to find something witty or uber-meaningful to share, I must tell you about my weekend.  A weekend from you know where…(I am SO glad you feel me, Kelsey!) Continue reading “Sick…Oh So Sick.”