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Cleanliness is NOT Next to Godliness

Yesterday, I had two of my sisters over our house.  It was long overdue, and I was excited.  But there was another thing that was long overdue: the cleaning.  I had been ignoring my floors and bathroom for over a week (eek!), and you could definitely tell.  So, I pretended my daughter was taking a nap as she talked to herself in her crib, put on Breakfast at Tiffany’s (in hindsight, not the ideal choice), and went to it.

I grew up in a house where you clean before company comes over.  Like, intensely clean.  I have backed off a bit since owning my own place, but floors and bathrooms are a must for me.  What I did not take into account this time around was that three kids were about to come over bringing the house total to 5 kids under age 6.   You can only imagine… Continue reading “Cleanliness is NOT Next to Godliness”


Puff Control

Control is an illusion.  You think you have it and “Poof!”- it vanishes into thin air.  Because it was all just an illusion after all.  Yet, it is the illusion that we all strive after, like kids with butterfly nets who run into each other over and over with our eyes straining after those fluttering, fleeting winged things.  We can’t see each other for the busy-ness, for the striving after control. Continue reading “Puff Control”

Homemaking, Motherhood

Spring Cleaning with a Smile ;)

The sun came out today.  Spring has been giving us false starts this season, and it has actually been alright with me.  I thought I was ready for sunshine, sandals, and sunscreen (yes, my husband has already burned this season).  Then I remembered: Spring cleaning.  The yard needs it.  The garage needs it.  The attic.  My guest room.  The list goes on.  So, God gave me a little more time and turned down the thermostat a bit, until I was absolutely ready for the tasks ahead.  He has been the one to get me through, and I am ready to share how! Continue reading “Spring Cleaning with a Smile ;)”


10 Things I Hate About Motherhood

I have always wanted to be a mom. From literally as early as I can remember, I have cared for dolls, animals, and little brothers. I babysat like crazy, worked in the church nursery, and observed young moms that were going before me, trying to glean as much wisdom and knowledge as possible. When I was twelve, I wanted twelve children. I still want a whole houseful, though twelve may be a little high now – if only because my body doesn’t particularly love being pregnant.

Continue reading “10 Things I Hate About Motherhood”



So, I’ll be honest.  I have got nothing to give.  Today, I have been faced with my daughter acting as a mirror to my own acts and words…”STOP IT!  YOU don’t DO that!”  She’ll say that and scrunch her face up and turn and stomp away.  Is that how she sees me?  Should I always say “Please…” when I correct her so it doesn’t come back to haunt me?  I’ll be honest, I cannot handle that kind of an ongoing reflection every day.  My own mind keeps plenty of vivid records of my wrongs.  This double dose is wearing on my soul. Continue reading “Honestly…”


My Ode to Joy

My house is quiet and dark.  The kids are asleep after a long day of zoo animals, cousins, and a lot of teething.  My son’s clothes were soaked.  Today was his first ride in the stroller without the car seat.  He looked so small and yet so happy!

I try not to think about the passing of time and missing moments.  Continue reading “My Ode to Joy”

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Sick…Oh So Sick.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to write about today.  Finally, in the last minutes of the day, I click on my go-to podcast, The God-Centered Mom, to listen while doing laundry and cleaning up from the day.  One of the titles is “A Safe Place to Share Messy Stories”, and suddenly, it hits me.  That’s the purpose of this blog.  So… rather than trying to find something witty or uber-meaningful to share, I must tell you about my weekend.  A weekend from you know where…(I am SO glad you feel me, Kelsey!) Continue reading “Sick…Oh So Sick.”


His grace is sufficient.. for the times my children try to eat Nerf darts.

Today has just been One of Those Days… my husband is sick (we are refusing to admit it’s the flu until it is OBVIOUSLY the flu) and so has been home all day. Home, but quarantined in our bedroom, which means we had to pretend like he wasn’t. Do you know how hard it is for two little kids who adore their daddy to pretend like he isn’t there? I spent what felt like most of the day chasing them down the hall and shooing them away from the bedroom door. Continue reading “His grace is sufficient.. for the times my children try to eat Nerf darts.”