An Octopus in the Neighborhood (and other things we see on TV)

TV. I think it’s one of the greatest parenting conundrums; how much do you let your kids watch, when, and why? I think my kids’ pediatrician told me last month that no more than one hour a day is recommended. I’m here to tell you that sometimes we go over that limit. I try not to… but it’s just so easy. I am able to accomplish ridiculous amounts of things when my baby is sleeping, my oldest is watching TV, and my middle child is doing her little introverted thing. (At two years old, she still has no interest in TV. I consider it a mixed blessing.) BUT I strive very hard not to let it be a babysitter, and I try to carefully curate what shows he watches. Continue reading “An Octopus in the Neighborhood (and other things we see on TV)”

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Taking Pictures of Your Kids: exposure

Taking pictures of your kids – easy, right? Not always. When you have a nice camera but don’t really know how to use it, the gap between expectation and reality can be frustratingly huge. Bouncing off of last week where I talked about framing photos of your kids for maximum impact, here are some tips for how to make your camera work for you instead of turning you into a crazy person.

Exposure can be super confusing and frustrating if you don’t have a basic understanding of it. There’s nothing more annoying than getting what you think is the perfect shot, only to realize that it’s super dark or super bright or – the worst of all – blurry! Continue reading “Taking Pictures of Your Kids: exposure”

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Taking Pictures of Your Kids: framing

Pictures are so important. At least, I think they are. I’m not great at organizing them or getting them in scrapbooks or anything like that, but I do back them up to the internet regularly… at this point it’s looking like it’ll be up to my kids to download them all and do something with them one day. Sorry, kids. But the important thing to me is that we have the pictures. Continue reading “Taking Pictures of Your Kids: framing”


Surviving (and enjoying!) Disney World with Little Ones

I just finished a trip to Disney World.

Yep, I went to Disney with three kids ages 3 & under, my husband, and my in-laws. I am tired. But it’s the good kind of tired!

My in-laws are wonderful people who have a touch of wanderlust just like we do, and occasionally they invite us to join them on a trip. This one was planned kind of quickly; sometime in early January they felt Mickey Mouse calling their names and… here we are. I’ve only been to Disney once before, with them & my husband in 2012 BC (Before Children). Doing Disney with three super young children is a whole different animal. I am far from a Disney aficionado, but on this trip I’ve picked up on a few key things to remember for next time… a few key things that I will share with you! Continue reading “Surviving (and enjoying!) Disney World with Little Ones”