Time Together

I laughed out loud at Beracah’s mention of my advice to them when they got married. “Go on a date weekly”? I don’t remember writing that and I doubt we did it at that point. Of course, we didn’t have kids, so we may have come close. I was, however, quite pregnant when they got married and maybe suffering from some sort of estrogen-induced delirium.

But now, it’s definitely not a thing. We shoot for once a month and did not achieve that for a long time. But this year for Valentine’s Day I planned out 12 dates – once a month for a year – and presented a package of envelopes to my husband laying out each one. Continue reading “Time Together”

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Sick…Oh So Sick.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to write about today.  Finally, in the last minutes of the day, I click on my go-to podcast, The God-Centered Mom, to listen while doing laundry and cleaning up from the day.  One of the titles is “A Safe Place to Share Messy Stories”, and suddenly, it hits me.  That’s the purpose of this blog.  So… rather than trying to find something witty or uber-meaningful to share, I must tell you about my weekend.  A weekend from you know where…(I am SO glad you feel me, Kelsey!) Continue reading “Sick…Oh So Sick.”