Meal Planning – Everyone’s Favorite Thing They Hate To Do

Meal planning! It seems like it’s such a problem for many moms. I have friends that regularly ask “what are you cooking for dinner tonight?!” in a frantic post on Facebook. When I was on the leadership team of our local chapter of Moms of Preschoolers, it was a joke that any time we asked for suggestions of topics to cover, meal planning was mentioned… by a few people. For whatever reason, meals feel like a slippery, reptilian animal that many of us struggle to keep our grip on. Continue reading “Meal Planning – Everyone’s Favorite Thing They Hate To Do”


That Time Things Didn’t Go as Planned.

I HAD A PLAN. Famous last words of any mom, right?

My husband was away on business for a few days, and I was in full-on survival mode. We needed groceries and this introverted mom needed some time with small people NOT touching me. The perfect solution was Grocery Pickup… the greatest invention since self-cleaning ovens. Continue reading “That Time Things Didn’t Go as Planned.”