Time Together

I laughed out loud at Beracah’s mention of my advice to them when they got married. “Go on a date weekly”? I don’t remember writing that and I doubt we did it at that point. Of course, we didn’t have kids, so we may have come close. I was, however, quite pregnant when they got married and maybe suffering from some sort of estrogen-induced delirium.

But now, it’s definitely not a thing. We shoot for once a month and did not achieve that for a long time. But this year for Valentine’s Day I planned out 12 dates – once a month for a year – and presented a package of envelopes to my husband laying out each one. Continue reading “Time Together”


Meal Planning – Everyone’s Favorite Thing They Hate To Do

Meal planning! It seems like it’s such a problem for many moms. I have friends that regularly ask “what are you cooking for dinner tonight?!” in a frantic post on Facebook. When I was on the leadership team of our local chapter of Moms of Preschoolers, it was a joke that any time we asked for suggestions of topics to cover, meal planning was mentioned… by a few people. For whatever reason, meals feel like a slippery, reptilian animal that many of us struggle to keep our grip on. Continue reading “Meal Planning – Everyone’s Favorite Thing They Hate To Do”