A Thesis on Cheesecake (and how the Enneagram is changing my life)

Happy Thursday!

This blog post brought to you by two different factors:

One: I’ve already survived a trip to the dentist this morning. It was just a cleaning, but the most mundane dental needs stress me out to an embarrassing degree, so I am feeling quite accomplished and proud of myself right now. I’m rewarding myself by ignoring my SUPER messy house, forcing my kids to play outside, and sitting down with a second cup of coffee to write something. I’ve learned recently that I need to write. It’s an actual need.

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Aunt Beanie’s Cheesecake

Easter is my favorite holiday for candy. Starburst jelly beans, malted chocolate eggs, and Lindt chocolate bunnies are all in my top 5 favorite treats, and they are all made more special and wonderful because they can only be found once a year. But, the candy that trumps them all, my number one, must-have, greatest candy of all time is Cadbury Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs. If you haven’t had them, run to the store RIGHT NOW; there may be a couple bags left on the picked-over after Easter sale shelf. Continue reading “Aunt Beanie’s Cheesecake”