Hakuna Frittata

I don’t have a whole ton to say as an introduction to this recipe, except that you NEED to make it… soon! It is eggcellent. Don’t be a chicken about it. Really, I’m not yolking. Okay, I’ll stop.

My husband and I recently watched a movie with a character who really likes to make frittatas. I had the startling realization that I’ve never made a frittata… and how can that be?! I immediately (okay, two days later) set out to find the perfect recipe, which I of course then “perfected” further to suit my purposes, and here we are… eating frittata for breakfast two, probably three days this week.

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Breakfast Burritos – the breakfast of champions and also people who don’t want to eat at home.

I’m always searching for good “grab and go” breakfast ideas… not because I grab and go anywhere, but because my husband does. He says his “stomach does not wake up for a few hours”, so he’s not ready to eat anything until he’s already been at work for a while. (I struggle to sympathize with this, as I usually wake up hungry and can’t get food in me fast enough.)

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Sausage Balls: The Breakfast of Busy Moms (and preschoolers)

It’s been a while since any new content has shown up here! All three of us have been super busy lately, and when we first started to blog together we made a pact that our attitude towards Three Moms Who Blog would be one of grace… grace for ourselves and each other. If we didn’t have time or inspiration to write… it’s totally fine. So if things look the same for chunks of time, it’s not because we’re dead or gave up; it’s because we have kids and husbands and there’s never enough coffee to go around. 😉

My problem has been that all I can come up with to post these days are recipes. I want more variety to share with you, but the recipes keep coming.

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