Surviving (and enjoying!) Disney World with Little Ones

I just finished a trip to Disney World.

Yep, I went to Disney with three kids ages 3 & under, my husband, and my in-laws. I am tired. But it’s the good kind of tired!

My in-laws are wonderful people who have a touch of wanderlust just like we do, and occasionally they invite us to join them on a trip. This one was planned kind of quickly; sometime in early January they felt Mickey Mouse calling their names and… here we are. I’ve only been to Disney once before, with them & my husband in 2012 BC (Before Children). Doing Disney with three super young children is a whole different animal. I am far from a Disney aficionado, but on this trip I’ve picked up on a few key things to remember for next time… a few key things that I will share with you! Continue reading “Surviving (and enjoying!) Disney World with Little Ones”