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When You Have to Actually Clean Your Van

Finally! I can return to the blogosphere (do we still call it that?) after an interminably long hiatus. My computer sustained a terrible injury and had to be practically rebuilt… literally. The poor, wonderful, incredibly patient man who repaired it had to replace nearly every single piece of hardware in it. I’m reminded of a topic discussed at length in one of my college philosophy classes. If a ship is replaced board by board over a period of many years until eventually no original wood is left, is it still the same ship?

Rebuilt computers are not the topic of the day, though. Today I’m here to discuss my vehicle. I drive the ultimate Mom Car: a minivan. Tonight I am going out with a group of ladies to eat… together… in a restaurant… without our kids. I am very excited BUT I was also asked to drive. I knew this meant removing three car seats from the back of the van, which isn’t my favorite thing to do, but worth it this time, right?

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Surviving (and enjoying!) Disney World with Little Ones

I just finished a trip to Disney World.

Yep, I went to Disney with three kids ages 3 & under, my husband, and my in-laws. I am tired. But it’s the good kind of tired!

My in-laws are wonderful people who have a touch of wanderlust just like we do, and occasionally they invite us to join them on a trip. This one was planned kind of quickly; sometime in early January they felt Mickey Mouse calling their names and… here we are. I’ve only been to Disney once before, with them & my husband in 2012 BC (Before Children). Doing Disney with three super young children is a whole different animal. I am far from a Disney aficionado, but on this trip I’ve picked up on a few key things to remember for next time… a few key things that I will share with you! Continue reading “Surviving (and enjoying!) Disney World with Little Ones”