A Calendar For Those Who Don’t Like Pants

“Mom, what we doin’ today?”

Does anyone else hear that question about a million times a week?

Every morning my son greets me with that question, then again with “where are we going?” when I ask him to put on pants. Why does he think putting pants on means going somewhere? I have no clue. We wear pants around our house… I promise.

Anyway, both tired of answering that question and in an attempt to help him understand our “schedule” throughout the week, I put together his own special “calendar” to help him know what to expect.

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Valentine’s Day: aka When Your Kid Has a Tiny Bladder

It’s Valentine’s Day.
That means that a “proper” mom would make her kids heart shaped pancakes, pink scrambled eggs and serve it with a side of strawberry flavored bacon. Or something along those lines… I’m not exactly sure because I have failed at being a “holiday mom” 101% of the time.

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“…For My Piece of Apple Pie.”

  1. My daughter has finally gotten into VeggieTales.  I knew it would happen.  It was just a matter of when.

(P.S. We use JellyTelly as an app on our Roku for streaming Christian kid’s shows.  They do a week free trial- so check it out here!)

Today’s episode was Madame Blueberry.  A heartwarming episode.  I always melt during the part where the little girl sings her song: “I thank God for this day, for the sun in the sky, for my Mom and my Dad, and my piece of apple pie.”  It’s her birthday, and all she has is a piece of pie. Continue reading ““…For My Piece of Apple Pie.””