Books We Love

Now that I am a proud holder of a Master of Science in Library Education degree, I should be an expert on all things children’s literature. Unfortunately, I know a whole lot about the Dewey Decimal System and not a lot about specific titles. My go-to books are ones I loved when I was a kid and books we happen to discover at a bookstore or library.

Before kids, trips to the library were relaxing and meditative. I took my time browsing  my favorite sections and finding new and interesting books to read. Sometimes I even sat in the quiet and read the book I settled on. Now, I sprint after my three-year-old (who is making a beeline to the toys and puzzles) with my infant strapped to my chest and a giant reusable tote bag slung over my shoulder. I grab any picture books that look mildly interesting from the tops of the shelves (thank you, librarians, for keeping that area well stocked) and I throw them into the bag. We accumulate one or two (or ten) more during L’s playtime when she finds Daniel Tiger board books from the kid-level toddler bin and pulls hardcover picture books from the nearest shelf (this shelf is the juvenile non-fiction mythology section – we’ve read a book about the origins of the Loch Ness Monster 25 times since we last visited the library).  Continue reading “Books We Love”


Aunt Beanie’s Cheesecake

Easter is my favorite holiday for candy. Starburst jelly beans, malted chocolate eggs, and Lindt chocolate bunnies are all in my top 5 favorite treats, and they are all made more special and wonderful because they can only be found once a year. But, the candy that trumps them all, my number one, must-have, greatest candy of all time is Cadbury Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs. If you haven’t had them, run to the store RIGHT NOW; there may be a couple bags left on the picked-over after Easter sale shelf. Continue reading “Aunt Beanie’s Cheesecake”


Snuggle Bunny

Letting my kids carry around ratty, old, gray comfort items was one of those things I thought I would never do. I knew it happened with lots of kids, but the inflexibility of having one thing that meant so much seemed like something important to avoid fostering in my children. Unfortunately, one night, in another desperate and futile attempt to get my 9-month-old to sleep for more than three hours without nursing, I introduced Snuggle Bunny. That night, an inseparable and irreplaceable bond was formed, and bedtime was never quite the same (full disclosure: I still nursed three times a night until I weaned). Continue reading “Snuggle Bunny”


Alphabet Fun

Preschool homeschooling has been an adventure so far. Most days are really great, and we enjoy playing, reading, and completing workbook pages. The goal has been to do “Mommy & L” School for an hour in the mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We started in January and have probably actually done my full schedule on about half of the days.

I value the time we spend doing school together more than I thought. The intentional time spent with L has been great for both of us, and it’s thrilling to watch her grow and learn. L’s biggest strength so far has been letter recognition (mostly uppercase) and learning letter sounds. Her memory is baffling – she certainly did not get it from me. I’ve been trying to do occasional activities to build on what she knows and continue working on these skills. Here are some we’ve had fun doing. Continue reading “Alphabet Fun”


Lumps, Pumps & Grumps

I like to research and be prepared for as much as possible. I took extensive childbirth and breastfeeding classes, read tons of books, scored the internet, and drilled any friends who already had kids when I was pregnant with L. I thought I knew everything there was to know, and that I was totally prepared.

Like most things in life, especially in the life of a mom, much of my experience was unexpected. My breastfeeding journey was relatively easy. I never struggled with producing enough (in fact, I had the opposite problem for a while) and my daughter had a good latch and no ties from the beginning. There were, however, a few things I wish I had been more ready for. Continue reading “Lumps, Pumps & Grumps”


A Year Ago – Part 2

When I think about the possibility of terrible things happening to me, I often think about the statistics and how likely any given scenario is to happen. I don’t know how healthy that is or even kind, but it’s the truth. I am a worrier about anything that can be worried over, so the thought of miscarriage and pregnancy loss crossed my mind, but I could think of other people who it happened to.  As I’ve joined Facebook mom’s groups and gotten to know other moms, I could think of quite a few other women who experienced this type of loss. I knew 1 in 4 women went through it, and I had this reassuring thought that I was safe. I must be one of the lucky 3 of 4.

I wasn’t. You can read the first part of my story here. Continue reading “A Year Ago – Part 2”


A Year Ago – Part 1

Anniversaries of major life events have always been important to me. I really like numbers and math, and dates become ingrained in my mind pretty easily (this was truer before I was a mother – if you are a new friend, I probably couldn’t remember your birthday if you paid me). This week marked a significant anniversary for our family – one that is painful and tragic, but also full of hope and glimpses of God’s abundant goodness. It’s a pretty personal and emotional story, and one I felt a little conflicted about sharing publicly. But, it’s one that I have come to find that I share with many others, so it is in the hope that my story may connect with someone that I share it here.

*Warning* This post goes into detail about pregnancy loss. Continue reading “A Year Ago – Part 1”


The No Good Very Bad Week

It’s been a rough week for this Mama. Is there a sudden burst in hormones as you enter your third trimester?? I’m pretty sure I spent more time crying than not. Sweet L decided to drop naps and wake up an hour earlier in the mornings this week. I still schedule ‘rest time’ during our day, and she is perfectly content to lay in her little bed  singing for an hour. The few hours of sleep that she’s missed every day are taking their toll, however. The tantrums and whining have made our home feel like a war zone. Continue reading “The No Good Very Bad Week”