Puff Control

Control is an illusion.  You think you have it and “Poof!”- it vanishes into thin air.  Because it was all just an illusion after all.  Yet, it is the illusion that we all strive after, like kids with butterfly nets who run into each other over and over with our eyes straining after those fluttering, fleeting winged things.  We can’t see each other for the busy-ness, for the striving after control. Continue reading “Puff Control”


Rainy Day Remedies

April showers bring… a prison sentence for preschoolers and their parents.  This week, we had two glorious days of sunshine, parks, and picnics.  Then Saturday poured buckets on our happy plans.  But instead of giving up and making it an all out movie day, inspiration hit, and we decided to have some indoor adventures.  In case creativity isn’t sparking in your house on some drizzly day this season, take these ideas and go wild!  Note: these are in no specific order and can be adapted to amuse different ages. Continue reading “Rainy Day Remedies”

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Spring Cleaning with a Smile ;)

The sun came out today.  Spring has been giving us false starts this season, and it has actually been alright with me.  I thought I was ready for sunshine, sandals, and sunscreen (yes, my husband has already burned this season).  Then I remembered: Spring cleaning.  The yard needs it.  The garage needs it.  The attic.  My guest room.  The list goes on.  So, God gave me a little more time and turned down the thermostat a bit, until I was absolutely ready for the tasks ahead.  He has been the one to get me through, and I am ready to share how! Continue reading “Spring Cleaning with a Smile ;)”

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Pancake Picasso

This morning started out pretty drab.  It was a grey outside, and we were slow-moving inside.  So, of course, it’s a great pancake day!  Pancakes are a great pick-me-up for my family.  We often turn on a little Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes, dance around the kitchen, and really do pretend like it’s the weekend. Continue reading “Pancake Picasso”



So, I’ll be honest.  I have got nothing to give.  Today, I have been faced with my daughter acting as a mirror to my own acts and words…”STOP IT!  YOU don’t DO that!”  She’ll say that and scrunch her face up and turn and stomp away.  Is that how she sees me?  Should I always say “Please…” when I correct her so it doesn’t come back to haunt me?  I’ll be honest, I cannot handle that kind of an ongoing reflection every day.  My own mind keeps plenty of vivid records of my wrongs.  This double dose is wearing on my soul. Continue reading “Honestly…”


The Sun, A Rainbow, and a Smiley Face

The other day, I woke up early. It was rare but intentional. I had set the new coffeepot’s timer to 6:30am and had coffee in hand by 6:37. For a former snooze button addict, not bad. Not bad at all. Still, by 7am, I had both of my littles on my lap. I had beaten their inner alarm clocks by a mere 20 minutes, but it was a marvelous 20 minutes. It wasn’t the time without them awake that was so amazing; it was having time to feel on top of things- a head start that makes the difference to the day’s race.

Sitting with my still-sleepy daughter on one leg and my swaddled son on the other, I was basking in the moment. Continue reading “The Sun, A Rainbow, and a Smiley Face”


My Ode to Joy

My house is quiet and dark.  The kids are asleep after a long day of zoo animals, cousins, and a lot of teething.  My son’s clothes were soaked.  Today was his first ride in the stroller without the car seat.  He looked so small and yet so happy!

I try not to think about the passing of time and missing moments.  Continue reading “My Ode to Joy”