About Us


Hi there! I’m a Jesus-following, adventure-loving, coffee-drinking mom of three who cooks for stress relief. I live in Alabama with my husband and kids. We love to travel, spend time outside and try new foods wherever we go.
I often resort to humor to cope with the chaos of three kids very close in age, which you’ll probably see reflected in many of my posts. If I can’t laugh at poop finger painted on the walls, Goldfish crumbs ground into every rug in the house, or a gallon of spilled paint (wait, that one was my fault…), I’m probably not going to survive the next 18 years.


Hello all!  I am a borderline neurotic mom of two who tries to believe Jesus loves me every time I sing it to my two year old.  As you can tell, I overthink a lot, daydream a lot, and get a standing ovation for my dramatic performances every day (from my cat).  Thus, my husband is a saint, my two year old daughter is an understudy, and my three month old son thinks I am food and therefore loves me dearly.  I am looking for this blog to be a vent to my overheating mind, a source of friendship, and a place to laugh together in between diaper changes.


Hey! I am a teacher at heart – I love children’s books, the smell of a fresh box of crayons, and watching 8-year-olds discover new things. I left my job to stay at home with my talkative and sweet 2-year-old daughter, and soon baby brother will join the mix.  I spend my days trying (and often failing) to live like Jesus, searching Pinterest for new ways to creatively engage my toddler, and making plans to clean the house… tomorrow.