Flirting Is Free ;-)

So, we thought that a good theme for this week would be cheap date ideas.  That’s right- get ready to take notes ;-).   Unfortunately, I can probably count on my hand the number of dates we have gone on since Leli was born.  This is usually because of money and clingy kids- it makes babysitters hard to come by.  That said, the magic is still alive over here (right, babe??), and I thought I would let you in on some small ways we make an effort on a more frequent basis.

On the daily:

We recently have discovered and rediscovered ways to put technology to use in the romance and friendship department.  Our whole group of friends got into Bitmoji for a while.  It’s an app that attaches to your keyboard and gives you emojis that look like you.  I don’t use it too much with groups any more, but Andy and I sometimes use it for fun.  It makes us laugh, as you can see.  Super cheesy, but that’s us.

Andy also rediscovered Words with Friends.  This is touch and go.  I got really angry when he played a 118 point word in our first game.  I think since then he is going easy on me.  It is a fun way to stay connected during the day.

Back to the real world, we also try to take time to sit on our porch with coffee in the morning, while kids watch a short show, just to catch up and dream a little.  We might go for a walk with all of us in the early hours to do this as well.  Yay, FALL!!!!

On the weekly:

I am rather outgoing and love to have people over for dinner, games, campfires, or whatever.  Recently, I realized that I can tend to burn the candle at both ends.  I have to intentionally bite my tongue lately and protect some time with just us.  I love making people feel loved, but my family needs my love and full attention too.  So, I protect at least 3-4 nights a week for just us.  After the kids go to bed, we might do any of the following:

Play a board game.  We are into Citadels- this game is a cross between Settlers and Coup, if you have played those.  Andy likes Sequence, and I will play if I am feeling REALLY loving and sacrificial. 🙂

Play Wii.  Yep, we are kids at heart.  I love Just Dance, though he always wins.  We also started playing Lego Star Wars because we got it for free.  I bump into a ton of walls and kill my players a lot, but we laugh enough to make it worth it.

Watch a movie/show.  Though our go-to is The Office, we might get other stuff from the library or scroll through Prime.  We also love Dry Bar comedy, Int’l House Hunters, and Cupcake Wars.

Read aloud or listen to an audiobook.  I know, this sounds weird, but if we are driving somewhere or even relaxing, we sometimes read a good book aloud.  This is how we finished Runaway Jury, which is completely different than the movie!

On the monthly:

Yep, that is probably how often we go on a date.  This is directly contrary to advice Lacey gave me in her wedding card to us: Go on a date weekly.  Unfortunately, the money thing always gets me!!  And lately, I have gotten sick after dinner or cried after movies on dates.  I am a great date, apparently.  Still, here are some that we have tried:

Take-out and a movie at home.  Cheapest thing ever.

$5 movie night at our local theater.

Chuck E. Cheese to have compete at Skeeball, basketball, guitar hero etc.  I told you- we never really grew up.  In my defense, I got that idea from my Mom. 😮

Murder Mystery nights- this was a gift, and I was nine months pregnant when we did it!  My mother is great at giving us date nights as gifts.  Don’t know what to get someone with young kids??  Gift card and free babysitting!!!  We have also setup our own murder mystery nights with friends, which are a blast.

Revisiting the place we got married.  It happens to be a restaurant marina, so it works nicely.

Alright, I think that is all for me!  Honestly, the real stuff that keeps the marriage alive is all the daily stuff- parenting, prayer, laughter, intimacy, family fun, and cooperating as a couple.  This made me laugh, because this guy gets it!

And every married woman said: Amen.




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