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Entertainment for the Multitasker: podcasts I love.

Last week we shared favorite TV shows and movies for kids… but what’s a mom to do for entertainment? I’m the first one to go for a great Netflix binge (usually while folding 4,589 baskets of laundry), but that’s not always an option. I also enjoy reading a good book, but the multi-tasking possibilities are drastically reduced. Confession: today, I let my kids run wild while I read the last 100 pages of a thrilling novel. When I finished, every single toy we own was out, dishes were removed from cupboards, a fort was built, and my 2-year-old had painted her own face with watercolors. #noregrets

Podcasts are one of my favorite forms of entertainment and information gathering. I can accomplish a ton of things while listening. I listen while I wash dishes, clean the house, drive long distances, grocery shop, edit pictures, etc. Just be careful what you listen to when… you could look like an idiot laughing hysterically to yourself in the corner of the coffee shop. Not that I’d know.

Audiobooks also fall into this category, by the way, because you get the story-fix with limitless multitasking options, but this particular blog is about podcasts. I’m going to share some of my favorites with you, in no particular order. (I get absolutely nothing in return for recommending these to you… they’re just podcasts I love.)

Let’s start with how I listen. I really like the Overcast app. It lets you speed up (or slow down) the sound incrementally so that you can listen to a podcast that much faster. It’s not a feature I use, but I know some people appreciate it. You can also create playlists so that your phone will automatically go on to the next thing you actually want to listen to while you’re driving or have your hands immersed in dishwater. My favorite part of it is so small, but mighty… when you hit “pause”, it backs you up about five seconds when you hit “play” again. That means that when your kid came charging into the room yelling and you missed a couple seconds as you fumbled to stop your podcast, you’ll be able to hear those last few words when you start back up. It is, unfortunately, only for iPhones… I’m sorry, Android users.

It’s hard to share a link for podcasts because there are so many apps out there to listen with, and some only work for iPhone or Android (coughOvercastcough). I’m linking these with PodBean because it’ll work with either platform. You can either use it or search for any of these in YOUR favorite podcast app!

The Struggle Well Project
This used to be “Mom Struggling Well”, but Emily has recently re-branded and I love it. It’s the podcast “dedicated to helping you not run away from home”. I can’t tell you how encouraging, hilarious, and motivational this podcast is. It’s exactly what any weary mom soul needs; she has a wide variety of fantastic guests that all say exactly what I need, exactly when I need it. I binge-listened for a loooong time after first discovering it and now just wait anxiously each week for the next one to come out.


Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
This one needs a big disclaimer: Dax tends to use some strong language, especially with some certain guests. If that doesn’t bother you personally and you can listen without little ears around, this is an excellent podcast. Dax is a superb interviewer and has really interesting guests – mostly other celebrities. They talk about their lives and careers, but always manage to get into some really interesting topics like race, gender roles, addiction, etc. Dax is a really critical thinker and I love hearing his train of thought on some subjects. I can only imagine, if he had Jesus in his life, what an impact he could have on the world. Anyway, I love this podcast, but as I said, I have to be careful when and where I listen to it. If you do choose to listen, make sure you hear the episode with Jimmy Kimmel. You might (also) nearly pee your pants from laughing so hard.

The Trim Healthy Podcast with Serene and Pearl
It doesn’t matter if you don’t eat the THM way – this podcast has great insight when it comes to health in general. I don’t just mean physical health, either; if you need encouragement for mental, spiritual, or emotional health, you can also find it here. DEFINITELY a top favorite of mine.



LeVar Burton Reads
LeVar Burton is the Reading Rainbow guy… and this is Reading Rainbow for adults. The podcast is simply LeVar reading short stories (no particular genre, just good stories). It’s calming, fascinating, and perfect for when you want to listen to something but don’t want to have to think too hard, which is pretty often for me.


Bethel Church Sermon of the Week
My brother is currently attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, so I especially enjoy this one because I get to hear the same sermons he’s hearing each week. I love how deep these sermons dig. If you just need some good strong spiritual encouragement, thirty minutes here will get you going.



RISE Together
This is a really new podcast; I want to say they only have eight or nine episodes out as of right now. It’s soooo good though. It’s by Dave and Rachel Hollis, a married couple who share how they accomplish all they do (they’re busy people) and still have a successful, thriving marriage. Whether you’ve been married two years or 20, they have good stuff you should hear.


I have a few other podcasts I really enjoy, but I either just started listening to them or don’t listen to them often enough to know if I can recommend them to you safely. 😉 Maybe, one day, when I have the time to listen some more, there will be a part two of this post!

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