Our favorite books!

I have always hoped my kids would love reading as much as I do… so far, so good! They are always down for a trip to the library and some time on the couch with a pile of books. Not long ago my son brought an impressively high tower of books to the couch, a smirk on his face. He was obviously testing out my endurance; I am proud to say I stayed the course and read the whole tower’s worth.

Here are some of our favorites, in no particular order:

Secret Pizza Party 
Sweet sassy molassy, we love this book. 🙂 It’s a super cute story, has awesome pictures, and is a pleasure to read (unlike some children’s books, which make me feel like I’m slogging uphill through verbal molasses).


Jesus Storybook Bible
This book is amazing. It is the entire Bible broken into short kids’ stories, and every single one points back to the salvation story. My kids love it… particularly David and Goliath. The book just falls open to that one all on it’s own at this point.



Katy and the Big Snow
This is an old classic. We actually have the copy my husband read with his mom when he was little. My tractor-loving son adores this book.



The Topsy-Turvy Kingdom
This one has great rhyming, awesome story, and teaches an important lesson. It’s fun to read and has super fun illustrations!





Pup and Bear
This is one we got through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which Beracah mentioned. It’s adorable! Definitely a fan favorite. 😉


Ten Thank-You Letters
Another cute one from Dolly Parton. We’ve read it about a bazillion times, and it inspired my kids to send a whole bunch of scribbled notes to their Daddy’s workplace in the mail, which was a fun surprise for him!



This one should go without saying. Another classic that we can’t get enough of. (We even recently named a puppy Corduroy!) Today, in preparation for writing this, I asked my daughter what her favorite book was. She made a beeline for the bookshelf and delivered this one to me.

Let’s Go On a Mommy Date
Okay… this one makes me cry. If you’ve read any of Karen Kingsbury’s books for adults, you know she’s a great writer. Her kids’ books are touching and sweet. (If you ever get the courage to read Let Me Hold You Longer, have SO MANY TISSUES nearby).



Ten Black Dots
This one is fun to read and great for teaching kids to count to ten. Even my two-year-old enjoys the learning aspect of it.



Happy Birthday To You!
Okay… my kids are obsessed with birthdays. This book fits perfectly into that genre. So we read it. A lot. Besides, no Favorite Books list would be complete with Dr. Seuss, right?


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