Mom Moments

We all have them, I hope.  Maybe some have them without being a parent…just think of the things that you do when you’re really tired and are operating with only half the normal brainpower.  Things like putting your library card in a debit card machine, wondering where your phone is while talking on it, etc.  Take those moment, multiply their frequency, lower the brainpower a little bit, and add a child to comment on your recent mistake= Voila!  Mom moment.

My most frequent mom moments include kissing random objects.  I guess I am so used to kissing my children that when they are not there, I kiss something else without thinking.  Such items have included: a ball, a pillow, and my own shoulder.  Yesterday, during worship, it was my hand.  I have had to admit this habit to my husband, much to his amusement.  As the habit becomes more frequent, I might as well admit it here before you witness it for yourself.

Other mom moments for me have been so frequent that embarrassment is becoming old hat for me.  There is the classic rocking a shopping cart back and forth as if it were a stroller.  I have told my husband that I have to “go potty”, with no children present.  My daughter has had to remind me that she has no pants on before leaving the house.  Most recently, I have put construction paper in the toilet thinking it was the trash can.  Ugh.

I share these for a little levity to your day.  I hope that I am not alone in my moments.  Most of the time, my husband or daughter gets to witness the fun, and it becomes a laughing moment.  I need such moments.  I am an emotionally-charged over-thinker, and “duh” moments break through my worry, vanity, shame, monotony, or introspection, and I need that break.

I recently listened to this and laughed, pondered, and almost cried with relief.  I am not alone in my moments, and I am not alone in my emotions.  Last week, I took a pregnancy test hoping for it to be positive just to have some rational reason to be so irrational in that moment (oh the irony).  It was negative, which forced me to face my up and downs and tears full on.   These are another whole kind of mom moments. God made us with feelings- intense ones even.  We aren’t meant to let them drive or lead us, nor are we to put them in the trunk and stuff them.  If any of this resonates with you, give it a listen.  She is super real, so consider yourself forewarned.

Abi Stumvoll: How We Manage Our Emotions Podcast

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