Kelsey’s Favorites

Life with an energetic toddler and a brand new squishy baby has been an adventure. We are loving being a family of four, and seeing L and M together is one of the biggest blessings I’ve had in my life. Here are some of the things that make my life a little easier and more fun.

  1. Boba 4G

I got this carrier when L was born. I knew I wanted a soft structured carrier, and at that time, the Tula was not available on any of my baby registries. The Boba looked like it was easy to use and it was recommended by other short people 😊 I love this carrier! It’s easy to wear and adjust; it’s great for hands-free nursing (with some practice); and it works well for infants and toddlers from 8-35 pounds (I still use it with L who’s almost three). It does require a newborn insert, but it comes with it and is a pillow that snaps in to the bottom of the seat. My husband and I both use it all the time.

  1. Food Blogs

I can’t go to the store without first creating a meal plan and a shopping list. I wouldn’t even know where to start without some sort of plan. I use Pinterest a lot to find meals, but I also have a few favorite blogs that I know will give me great meals almost every time.

Smitten Kitchen is my fav right now – I have never made anything I didn’t like from here. Try the mushroom lasagna, taco torte, sheet pan chicken tikka, or world peace cookies.

SkinnyTaste is the best for finding great recipes that meet specific dietary needs. We’ve had a ton of family visiting the new baby, and we have family members across the dietary spectrum – diabetic, keto, and gluten free. This site is so easy to navigate, and it has so many delicious recipes.

Finally, for baking and sweets, I’ve been following Joy the Baker and Handle the Heat since college. Joy’s blog is funny and sweet, and her baked goods are lovely and so so yummy. Handle the Heat has a lot of tutorials for baking well, and her Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best cookies in the world.

  1. Rolling Cart

Adding another person to our small house has forced us to be creative with sleeping arrangements and storage. I found this cart at Target (but it’s also available at Ikea and on Amazon). It stores all my cloth and disposable diapers and any diaper changing accessories I might need throughout the day. It easily rolls between our bedroom and the living room as needed.

  1. Flair Pens

The teacher in me loves my pens, and Flair pens are by far the best. There are tons of fun colors, and they make daily devotional journaling beautiful and exciting!

  1. Halo Swaddle

L and M both loved being swaddled. The Halo swaddle was by far the easiest to use. M is growing so much faster than L did, so we just upgraded to a size small this week.

  1. Flat Iron Curls

I’ve never been super fashionable or girly, and doing my hair has always been a pain. I opted for a messy bun or a French braid most days. But, I recently cut my hair too short to be pulled all the way back. A great friend taught me how to do waves quickly and easily with a flat iron. It is so fast, and looks amazing. Watch a tutorial here.

  1. Sprinkler

L got tons of “You’re a Big Sister” presents from everyone who came to see M. They were all so sweet and made L feel loved. Our favorite was a Melissa and Doug sprinkler from my grandparents. It’s been HOT here (sorry Lacey and Bee, I know it’s cooler here than at your houses), and playing in the water makes being outside fun again. L loves to jump over it, and the soft plastic doesn’t hurt your feet the way metal sprinklers did when I was a kid.

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