A Few of MY Favorite Things

Lacey had a great idea and wanted us to jump on the bandwagon.  I am all for sharing some of my favorite things, but most of them have been unbranded.  I have been thinking about this all week- an interesting exercise that I highly recommend.  I would be doing something like combing Leli’s hair and think, This comb is pretty amazing.  It is probably my favorite thing right now.  Other things that came to mind:  lakes (the heat here is ridiculous), sunscreen, cantaloupe, cut grass, my van, coffee, quiet in the morning, VBS, swim diapers, and poison ivy medicine.  Oh, and box fans.

Still, I have a few things that you might not have been introduced to or that you can “Amen!” as you read.  Here is my current list of favorite things or, as I have heard it phrased recently, the things that are saving my life right now.  These are in no apparent order- except I put the non-mom-specific ones first.  That way everyone can enjoy 😉

#1: Green Mountain Coffee.

We have been on Seattle’s Best until now, mainly because it is the only cheap fair trade option at Kroger.  But one day, they didn’t have it.  So, we paid a $1.75 more and got Green Mountain Nantucket Blend.  I don’t know if it is all nostalgia since I grew up in New England, but it is a whole experience for me.  It is so worth the extra cash, AND I actually found coupons for it.  I am not going back- that’s for sure!   It is pure delight in the morning.

#2: The Libby App.

This is a library app!  My sister Tal put me onto it.  You can put your library card on there and get audiobooks and regular books to read on your phone.  If someone else is using the book, you can put a hold on it.  The interface is clean and reading is super simple on the app.  NO ADS!!!!  Free books!  Nuff said.

#3: The Kroger App.

I know, I really should get over to ALDI and start drinking that Kool-Aid.  I just hate hitting more than one store for groceries;  I am a shop-for-two-weeks-worth-of-groceries kind of gal.  One store is better for us right now, and Kroger is it.  They send me coupons, I find coupons, AND now they also have coupons searchable and loadable to your card on the app.  I just search “Ketchup” and see what coupons are out there for that.  I swear I save $20 or more.  ALSO, a friend gave me coupons on Monday, and I bought 5 Juicy Juice bottles for $2.50!  New favorite juice:  Mango Juicy Juice.  100% Juice and so refreshing- I don’t actually share it with the kids. :-O

#4: Seventh Generation dishsoap.

I know, so homemaker of me.  I love this or any ethically-made, environmentally-friendly, and AFFORDABLE cleaner, but this gets my vote for a few things that I can’t seem to get Thieves cleaner to do.  I love suds when I clean.  It makes me feel like I am really cleaning!  I had to give up Comet and Clorox sprays for my bathroom and kitchen when I became aware of how bad they are for me and my family.  This dishsoap became my answer to cleaning my shower, sometimes my tile floors, and all counter tops.  I add baking soda for oven tops.  You can judge me if I am not doing it right.  Just passing on a fav.  Let me know yours,and I will try it!  Also, I am ON THE HUNT for a good sponge.  I can’t get mine to last longer than a week, and I hate the waste.  I just hate using a washcloth- so don’t suggest it!

#5- Ninja Master Prep Pro System.

My sister got it for my birthday, and I think she got it from Bargain Hunt.  Either way, it is half the price of a Bullet, and it’s AWESOME!  I have 3 sizes that fit 1 motor- the motor goes on top.  I will cut and boil sweet potato, and blend it for baby food or sweet potato casserole.  I also make smoothies and put the leftovers in popsicle molds for later!

#6- JellyTelly. 

I have mentioned it in the past, but this Christian kid show provider has been awesome for us!  We have recently backed things up a bit in the media department.  My daughter is brilliant and loves stories, princesses, and ballet.  So, we jumped into Disney and Angelina Ballerina full force…only to realize that some of the themes, attitudes, and villains are just a bit much.  I mean, how many evil mother characters are out there?!  Try explaining Rapunzel to your 3yo…Me:  “It’s not her real Mommy.  It’s her fake mommy.  She took her from her real Mommy.”  What?!  Brave, as well.  “That’s her mom.  They are fighting.  She turned her mom into a bear.”  ?!?!?!

So, like I said.  We are backing up, and JellyTelly is perfect for this.  I don’t have to censor it, and I even get convicted/inspired by it.   Shows we particularly love for Biblical content: THEO, Jesus Stories, and Owlegories.

#7- My Baby Bjorn and Bumbo.

I am combining so I don’t bore you.  The Bjorn is our bcoc (baby carrier of choice)- but really only because it was free!  😀  Still, it has been a lifesaver when I need my hands free- grocery shopping, VBS, etc.  Andy and I can both wear it, and little man loves it!

I am currently borrowing ours from a friend, which is such a blessing.  The Bumbo is touch and go because when he gets tired of it, he will flail around.  So, buckle up!  Still, it has been my saving grace at the beach!!!  We put it on a blanket, and it keeps him from rolling into the sand.  He loves looking around and playing with whatever we give him, and I can relax a little.  Plus, it can be a high chair replacement in a pinch.

Phew.  That took some thinking!  Thank you for exploring my thoughts and favs and feel free to share yours!

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