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These are a few of my favorite things!

It doesn’t matter if it’s huge or tiny, we all have to have our favorite things to get by. Here are my top things (some Mom-related, some not) that are getting me through a fairly stressful period of time right now!

(NONE of these are affiliate links; they are just things I genuinely love and want to share!)

In no particular order:

1. This freakishly awesome luggage scale

We are packing to go on a trip right now and tomorrow we’ll be helping 15 teenagers weigh their luggage before leaving. This thing has already made me so incredibly happy as I prepare my own suitcase. None of that dumb stepping on and off a bathroom scale and doing the math to see how heavy your suitcase is.

2. The Bible app for Kids

This app is soooooo awesome. My almost-four-year-old begs to play it, and while I try to limit his screen time, it’s one thing I am more lenient on (which he’s caught on to, unfortunately). It lays out the whole Bible in short stories that it reads to the kids with cool animations. There’s a little game to play along with each story as well. He has played the Daniel in the Lion’s Den game no less than 2,000 times.

3. My Keen’s sandals

I love that these are super supportive and comfortable but also feminine and cute. I bought them last summer when I was pregnant. They passed the Active 5-Month Pregnant Woman in South Alabama in July test, so they are WINNERS.

4. My Trim Healthy Mama sipper jar

I had three requirements for the PERFECT water bottle: it had to be glass (so I could put essential oils in my water), it had to be a quart (I like only having to drink four of them to get in a gallon – it’s easier to keep track of), and it had to fit in my car cup holder (this one doesn’t need explaining). I have searched the world over and found ONE water bottle that fits the criteria, and it’s this one. It’s just a bonus that it’s sold by one of my favorite brands!

5. Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate

A family member gave me a bar of this for my birthday early last month, and now it’s a problem. I keep a bar of it on my kitchen counter with the salt and pepper, and often break off a chunk of it after meals to curb the need for a dessert. It’s rich enough that it doesn’t take too much to satisfy me. I linked to Walgreens here because I’ve found it on sale there a few times!

6. A House of Special Purpose

This isn’t even a new novel, but I read it recently and couldn’t put it down. Stemming from a book I read about Anastasia in the third grade, I’m a little obsessed with the Romanovs. This book was particularly fabulous. I’m including it because just today I put another book on the shelf near it, and seeing it made me all giddy inside. I plan to re-read it soon.

7. The Wet Brush

If you have not yet jumped on this bandwagon, jump high and fast! It has taken the wrestling and tears out of brushing my two-year-old’s daughter curly mass of hair. I don’t have curly hair but it does get frizzy and tangle easily, and I’m about to buy one for myself.

8. Copycat Chick-Fil-A sauce

Sarah is one of my heroes for creating this stuff. We love it. On everything. It’s magical.

9. This Girasol baby carrier

I love how versatile and lightweight this carrier is. There are no buckles and loops, so it’s easy for my husband and I to pass it back and forth – you just tie everything. I can’t use the more well-known brand of these things because of my incredibly short torso, but this thing is perfect for me.

10. Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus

A fantastic quick but deep devotional for moms. It takes me about five minutes each time but it never fails to give me something I needed.

11. The Mom Struggling Well podcast

I LOVE this podcast. It’s on point every week. I have binge-listened for the last month and have yet to find an episode that doesn’t resonate with me. Perfect for driving in the car, cleaning, or washing dishes… any time you can hear over your children. 😉


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  1. Cool! I learned more about you. I’ll have to look into finding that book. I’ve also not heard of that podcast–I’ll have to check it out. Joey asked which appliance would you add to your list if you had to list one. Can you tell he is an engineer?

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