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Spring Cleaning with a Smile ;)

The sun came out today.  Spring has been giving us false starts this season, and it has actually been alright with me.  I thought I was ready for sunshine, sandals, and sunscreen (yes, my husband has already burned this season).  Then I remembered: Spring cleaning.  The yard needs it.  The garage needs it.  The attic.  My guest room.  The list goes on.  So, God gave me a little more time and turned down the thermostat a bit, until I was absolutely ready for the tasks ahead.  He has been the one to get me through, and I am ready to share how!#1- Voice your needs.  First to God, then to others, especially if those needs are keeping you from starting your tasks.  For example, I saw these plastic totes at our church and thought, I need those so badly!  But they are probably using them and I will have to buy what I need from Wal-Mart.  Another reason to put off my attic cleanup.  Later, I heard that the church was getting free totes regularly.  Kicking myself for not asking in the first place, I finally asked and TA-DA!  I now have free totes and am only one energy spurt and sunny day away from organizing the attic!  “You have not because you ask not”…Hmmm.  Plus, having God directly involved in my every day gave me the opportunity to see Him provide.  If I don’t get what I “need”, I then start to wonder- do I really need it?

#2- To Do Lists aren’t THAT bad.  I had stayed away from them for the past six months or so- pretty much since my son was born- because they overwhelmed me.  Yet, somehow I was overwhelmed by my tasks anyways.  So, I wrote down everything I need to do this month- my big tasks.  And there were only 5!  5!  Seeing that on paper (paper is somehow more satisfying than an app to me) was an instant relief.  I finished two of those tasks in one day!

#3- Bargain Hunt stores.  Goodwill half off day.  Flea markets.   The last one is pretty much touch and go, but the first 2 are golden- ideal for finding a bed frame for my guest room, new sheets, and an extra long curtain rod for all under $20.  Facebook marketplace can be helpful but sometimes too tempting to get stuff you don’t need.  I try not to buy unless I sell.  The physical stores work, if you stick to a list.  Or at least a spending limit.  😉

#4- Having my husband help me.  Having my daughter think she is helping.  Having my son gnaw on his hands in his Bumbo.  These things keep me smiling for sure.

#5- And the small things.   Pink lemonade breaks.   Fresh lilacs in my house.  Good smelling laundry detergent.  Throwing things away.  Listening to a good podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, here is the one I listened to today:


Great stuff about simplifying your life!

And finally, the biggest thing that makes me smile with spring cleaning:  the finished product.  The task may be terrifying beforehand and exhausting in the process, but the result is so worth it.  Even if your toddler who has behaved so well despite being practically ignored all day wants to have a popcorn/movie night and this is the result.  Still worth it.


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