Snuggle Bunny

Letting my kids carry around ratty, old, gray comfort items was one of those things I thought I would never do. I knew it happened with lots of kids, but the inflexibility of having one thing that meant so much seemed like something important to avoid fostering in my children. Unfortunately, one night, in another desperate and futile attempt to get my 9-month-old to sleep for more than three hours without nursing, I introduced Snuggle Bunny. That night, an inseparable and irreplaceable bond was formed, and bedtime was never quite the same (full disclosure: I still nursed three times a night until I weaned).

Snuggle Bunny in the beginning.

Today, a terrible tragedy struck when a large piece of Snuggle Bunny’s ear tore off while L was dragging it around the house. I knew it was coming, and I had been putting off performing surgery as long as possible (sewing is NOT my strength). Daddy whisked SB away to ‘the doctor’ (aka hidden in the dresser in our room) to give me time to finish making lunch and hunt for a needle and thread. SB going to the doctor alone was too much, and L went into a full-on melt down while I had pasta over-boiling on the stove. All was well in a few minutes after the repair was done to L’s satisfaction and we all had slightly-soggy noodles in our bellies.

Snuggle Bunny has become an important part of our family. She’s the star of many of L’s make-believe adventures and drawings; she’s the dryer of tears (and, I’ll be honest, wiper of snot); she’s a necessary addition to snuggle time with Mommy and Daddy (and Baby Brother). We go to great lengths to keep her safe, and I won’t even mention the embarrassing amount of money we spent to get her overnighted from a recent trip to Oma and Paw Paw’s. L is in love with the faded, matted toy, and, I suspect, will always be, no matter how many pieces fall off.

Do your kids carry around comfort items? Have you ever lost or broken them beyond repair? I’d love to hear your stories!

Looking forward to many more snuggles,


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