The Sun, A Rainbow, and a Smiley Face

The other day, I woke up early. It was rare but intentional. I had set the new coffeepot’s timer to 6:30am and had coffee in hand by 6:37. For a former snooze button addict, not bad. Not bad at all. Still, by 7am, I had both of my littles on my lap. I had beaten their inner alarm clocks by a mere 20 minutes, but it was a marvelous 20 minutes. It wasn’t the time without them awake that was so amazing; it was having time to feel on top of things- a head start that makes the difference to the day’s race.

Sitting with my still-sleepy daughter on one leg and my swaddled son on the other, I was basking in the moment. Little hands examined my pajama shirt. A little voice told me she saw “the sun, rainbow…and a smiley face!” I saw the company logo- a U surrounding a sun and the little tiny trademark symbol embroidered in the cuff of my shirt. Her perspective made me smile. It often does.

I am learning that sometimes not knowing is a beautiful thing. My daughter is free to see rainbows and smiley faces because she doesn’t know any better and assumes the best (sometimes). Maybe this is why Jesus recommended childlike faith, a childlike perspective.

I am not saying ignorance is bliss- there is beauty in knowledge. But there can be negativity where there doesn’t need to be. I heard recently that 70% of the average person’s 20,000+ thoughts in a day are negative. Wow. I am not surprised.

The negativity I have been thinking about lately is the attitude of the man in the parable of the talents. His master says “Where is my money?” And the man says,” I knew you were a hard man…”. He believed negatively about the master. That perspective probably was confirmed by what he saw in the world. Abraham Lincoln said: “If you look for the bad in mankind seeking to find it, you surely will.” I think the same is true for how we see God and judge His actions: if we want to see “bad”, we will. And as a result, we will hide our talent in the ground.

I want to see the sun…and the Son. And rainbows. And smiley faces. Everywhere. Sounds like His kingdom come, and His will being done on earth as it is in Heaven.

May it be so, Lord. And make us like children so we can see it!


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