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Valentine’s Day: aka When Your Kid Has a Tiny Bladder

It’s Valentine’s Day.
That means that a “proper” mom would make her kids heart shaped pancakes, pink scrambled eggs and serve it with a side of strawberry flavored bacon. Or something along those lines… I’m not exactly sure because I have failed at being a “holiday mom” 101% of the time.

Holidays ALWAYS sneak up on me. I open my Facebook app on St. Patrick’s Day to see all these cute kids dressed in green with shamrock hair bows and lunches of entirely green food. I shake my head and carry on with my children’s orange lunch of macaroni and cheese and corn dogs.
Christmas, of all holidays, should be less sneaky, but I feel like I am still always scrambling to buy gifts on December 23rd and putting the finishing touches on our decorations around 9pm on the 24th. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY YEAR.
I woke up this morning with about five different deadlines that had snuck up on me… five different balls floating in the air that I needed to catch. It took me a WHILE to remember that it was a holiday. My kids had bananas for breakfast (eaten on the run) because they wouldn’t eat the eggs that I make for them every morning… that they refuse to eat every morning. Apparently I’m a slow learner. I scrambled to meet all my deadlines, run the errands that needed to be run, cook the food that needed to be cooked, and also make sure my children’s diapers were changed at appropriate intervals.
One of those errands was a trip to Walmart… with all three kids. I had to buy some GIANT foam squares for a church event and some ice cream for my husband (happy Valentine’s Day!). That went super smoothly. I’m sure a cart stuffed full of foam, ice cream, and three hollering children garnered a lot of stares, but I was flying through there at an Olympic-like pace to get the process over with. The older kids talked me into buying Play-Dough, then cried when I wouldn’t let them open it immediately. They fought over the giant foam squares. The baby didn’t sleep like she was supposed to, and screamed the entire time I was paying.
The highlight of the day was when my three-year-old had to pee in a cup in the Walmart parking lot… because who is going to unbuckle three children and haul them BACK into the store you just barely escaped from? NOT ME. Confession time: I pulled out the Tervis Tumbler I had just finished drinking coffee from and let him use it as a porta-potty. I sacrificed my cup in favor of his privacy and my sanity. I’m going to call it a win. This process, of course, caused me to have to explain to an enraged little sister why she can’t pee into a cup, which segued into a discussion with my son about body parts and why boys are different than girls. Obviously this is the most romantic day of the year.
Are they running around outside in socks? YEP.
My kids may not have had cute Valentine’s baskets waiting for them when they woke up this morning, there’s no chocolate or glittery things floating around our house, and my daughter may have worn red today but it was TOTALLY an accident. However, they had a sweet picnic outside on their play set for lunch. And my son is happily cutting scrap paper up into a million pieces of confetti, so he’s basically having his own party that’s going to be super fun to clean up. So I call this Valentine’s Day a success….. after all, it will end with everyone alive, fed, maybe bathed, and very very loved. THAT makes me a proper mom.

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