Everybody’s Got A Laughing Place

It’s been raining here for…too long, and I need a pick me up.  I have a few places I go when I am like this.  I can sit with tea or a coffee (depending how much I have had that day…#breastfeedingstruggles) and read some Shauna Niequist.  She is like my Gilmore Girls fix, except Christian and in printed form.  She is funny, real, and loves food.  This comforts me and helps me feel normal.  Still, sometimes, I need a good laugh.  This is hard to manage when no one is around to laugh with me.  Facebook can have the odd animal montages that can make me smile, but I have developed a list of some places for good laughs.  After all, everybody’s got a laughing place (Disney reference, anyone?).  On this rainy day, I thought I would share mine with you.  So get ready to get your giggle on 😉

#1: I like to watch the Break Womb.  They are 3 moms who do comedy (or comedians who do motherhood).  That actually inspired me to blog with Lacey and Kelsey- moms together enjoying/surviving motherhood can be so fun!  Here are some of my top picks:

Mom Fun

If Moms Treated Their Bosses Like Kids Treat Their Moms

# 2: I discovered Dry Bar Comedy scrolling through Facebook.  They got me- those advertising people.  Dry Bar features clean bits of comedy from different comedians.  Heads up, if you like a comedian a lot, you may not want to search their stuff outside of Dry Bar…it’s no longer clean.  Just sayin’.  They have a few sketches on marriage and parenthood.  Disclaimer: You have to be prepared to laugh at yourself.  Here are my favs from there:

Smart Wife

Pick Your Battles

#3:  My nephews introduced me to this one: “How it should have ended” videos.  You can lookup others, but this one is my absolute favorite (make sure you make it to the end!):

Okay, I have to stop there, because I can get carried away.  I will have to do another post on laughing at yourself while playing with your kids…

But I want to know about your laughing place!!  Please share in the comments!  We need laughter- it’s good medicine.  And it offsets stress 😉

Laugh it up!


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