Peppermint Mocha (sugar free, yet delicious!)

I have a serious coffee problem. Like a real one. Anyone who knows me well knows this.
But there is a difference between a regular old “cup o’ joe” and special coffee.

The regular cup of coffee is the one that you throw together first thing in the morning. The one you desperately brew and burn your mouth on because you were too frantic to take the first sip slowly. The one you try to enjoy as your various children cling to your pajama pants and beg for “meelk”, of either the chocolate or breast variety.

Special coffee (yes, that word has to be italicized to convey it’s depth) is the one you make carefully during nap time or after your kids have been tucked into bed at night. You think through the steps as you follow them… a recipe may even be involved. And you sip it slowly, allowing the taste to send a “calm down and relax” message to your brain, rather than the “hurry and wake up!” alarm.

A few months ago (November-ish, just as the blessed holiday drinks were starting to circulate throughout coffee houses) I got hooked on a white chocolate peppermint mocha at our local coffee place. I had one every day for something like a week. Not only was it complicated to orchestrate that happening (I have three kids I can’t just abandon in the car, and this place doesn’t have a drive-through!), it was getting expensive. Plus, it was probably making me gain a pound every time I drank it. I follow the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating fairly strictly (something you’ll probably hear more about from me in the future), and I wanted a peppermint mocha that I could drink without guilt. It was time to figure out how to do this at home.

I developed a fabulous Peppermint Mocha that was perfect for my special coffee time. If I was a good blogger, I would wait until Christmas 2018 to share it with you, because peppermint = holidays and all that. But, I am not patient, or a good blogger, and I believe peppermint should be celebrated all year long. It is that amazing. Plus I’m drinking one right now, so you should be as well.

A note about two of the ingredients here: you can leave both the collagen and the sunflower lecithin out. BUT, they both have fabulous health benefits. You can click the links to see the brands I like. Collagen strengthens and promotes growth of your hair and nails, gives you gorgeous skin, is great for your joints and muscles and does a million other awesome things that you can research if you feel like it. Plus it adds a tiny little punch of protein to your coffee, which is always good. Sunflower lecithin is great for heart health, brain function, and blood pressure (which anyone with toddlers needs). It also is super beneficial to breastfeeding mamas, as it can help boost milk supply and prevent mastitis. I throw both of these into my coffee anytime I make it – plain cup o’ joe or special – but you can definitely make this without them.

For you other Trim Healthy Mamas, this is a Fuel Pull recipe… which means DRINK UP!

Peppermint Mocha

(the sugar-free-yet-totally-delicious version!)

1 cup almond milk
1 T. sugar free chocolate chips (I prefer mini because they melt better)
1/2 cup strong, hot coffee
1 T. collagen
1/2 tsp. sunflower lecithin
3 squirts liquid stevia (or whatever sweetener you prefer, to taste)
1/2 tsp. peppermint extract

Pour your milk into a jar or cup with a lid. Give it a few good, hard shakes until a layer of bubbles forms across the top. Remove the lid, put the jar/cup into the microwave and heat to your liking. (Be careful – milk likes to boil over. I usually use a quart jar for this.)
Combine the chocolate chips and hot coffee in a blender and allow it to sit for a few seconds so the chocolate softens. Add all the remaining ingredients (including the milk) and give it a whirl. Everything will blend together and become creamy and delicious! (Be careful again. Some blenders need you to vent them a little when heat is involved.)

(By the way, I was gifted this cool little milk frother for Christmas. I love it. If you have one, you can skip both the jar-shaking and the blender and just heat your milk, dump everything in a mug, and mix it together with the frother. Voila!).



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